It’s been an absolute reign of terror unleashed on us by Narendra Modi and his wicked team. Every Gujarati is terrorized by the acts of the chief minister and his men who keep working day and night to plan and terrorize the people of Gujarat every day. I send an SOS message through this article.


Gujaratis have been facing an acute indigestion since almost 10 years now. The government’s foolish decision to make better roads with 4 tracks has forced us to take up a daily dose of exercise which was earlier taken care by the jerking vehicles which would digest half of our food. Their plan to make flyovers and better infrastructure would create havoc as the citizens who are generally accustomed to eat heaps of gases and dust would require more food, resulting into increase in the normal family expenditure. Ah… the times of inflation how can government take such a foolish step? And look at this-What they did to electricity has been absolutely frightening. They have started providing it for 24 hours, risking the livelihood of so many of us. How would our generators and invertors sell? How would we black market coal and kerosene? What about the Priceless pasina which we generally precipitated while the lights are off for hours? No value for it. Wait. This is just the tip of the iceberg. They have started risking life of officers in the Sachivalay. The people are forced to work in for 7 long hours risking their blood pressure and mental steadiness. Instead of the normal 4 hour schedule which has been the norm in Sachivalay since 50 years, the devils are forcing the people to work for the full shift of 10 to 5.


The worst one is yet to come. The team is now after the education and its development. Gujaratis are being forced to study and flourish their businesses. What would happen of the small family businesses if all Gujarati boys and girls would study? The RTO agents and the middlemen are forced to commit suicide because of the direct licenses being delivered to home. Same is the case with the Cylinderwalas. Direct gas lines for cooking? He has outrageously destroyed the normal norms of corruption and syndicates…


But the worst is yet to happen. Narendra Modi now talks of better administration, development and progress. How could he force the administrative officers and politicians to start working for others? Doesn’t he know politics? Doesn’t he want piece? Why doesn’t he eat and let others eat…err I mean live and let others live? They have committed crimes beyond description and I request and immediate action and help.


Yours truly,

An Indian Gujarati.







In one of the recently released TV commercials of L & T health Insurance, People are seen asking a suspicious question – “Likh ke de sakte ho”?? as if they are sure that the verbal communication would not be entertained.  The Commercial is a master stroke, telling the masses – we guarantee it, in writing!!  A question suddenly arises if the same could be asked for from the Indian Diaspora. From the administrative officers who change their statements and tunes every now and then to the seasoned politicians who know that words are just a smoothing balm, not a cure, likh ke do can surely be a headache. A policeman who gets bribed for a murder would be in a fix if he was asked by the mob to guarantee if he would give it in written that – He would catch the culprit.  Is Likh ke do  a possible cure to a lot of problems of this country??

Its a pity that in a country where a lot of wars have been fought for keeping the words and a lot of heads have been given for standing for the words, requires people to get down to the street to ask for law and order and basic requirements. Time has come when a lot of us need to question the “non” working elements….whether a bit of shame, a lot of compulsion, force and a fear of loosing the vote bank might help in getting the system getting better…


Have been trying to find this video since childhood..finally grabbed it…sharing it with the Viewers….


The match was played again due to rains and the pitch and the outskirts were wet. The full stretched catch was of course controversial because of ball touching the ground. Yet it remains one of the finest in the history of cricket and of course of Jhonty Rhodes…!! Enjoy…


Mahek SOrathia, a friend and a member has been able to capture one of the finest moments and pics of the Asiatic Lions – Found in Girnar, Gujarat. The exclusive and exquisite pics are being put up as a link ….




Charles Plumb was a fighter pilot during Vietnam, and graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy. After completing 75 successful missions he was shot down over Vietnam by a surface to air missile and captured by the Viet Cong. He spent six years as a prisoner of war, but was returned home to the United States after the war and lives a normal life now.

One day while eating at a restaurant a stranger walked over to the table where Charlie Plumb and his wife were eating and said, “You’re Plumb! Charlie Plumb! You flew a fighter jet in Vietnam from the aircraft carrier The Kitty Hawk, and was shot down!” Charlie was bewildered at the accuracy of information he was hearing so he asked the stranger “How do you know that?” The stranger told Charlie, “I packed your parachute. It looks like it worked!” Charlie was surprised during the chance encounter, and it never really hit him to later that night.

All night long Charlie Plumb couldn’t sleep. He tried to picture what the stranger would have looked like in sailor uniform, maybe passing him in the halls. Charlie knew he never spoke to the man before because he was a pilot, and during that time pilots and sailors were on two different levels. There was no doubt that he wouldn’t have spoken to the sailor, and it didn’t occur to him then how much he really depended on his efforts. Passing by the sailor in the hallway and not giving him the time of day, it never occurred to Charlie Plumb, until several years later, that a sailor’s handy work would save his life. He imagined the sailor sewing shrouds to mend the fabric and carefully folding the

chute, knowing that someone’s life may depend on it.Image

Before dhuliya, the all talented director released the movie Paan Singh Tomar, India dint knew who this 7 time steplechese national winner was. The fascinating story of an athelete turned dacoit, Paan singh show cases the helplessness of the the indian atheletes and how the system produces a criminal out of a simple player. Found on one of the old sights, here is the rare pic of that man who changed the scenerio of the chambals in the late 70s until he was gunned down in 1981. A salute from CR!!Image

India – a country of a billion people and trillion dreams. A chaotic social structure with one of the finest human fabrics exists in every inch and corner of this country.  A few of these wonderful photographs tell u the story of this divine land and how its trying to cope up with the changing times….


Enjoy the pics!!