Dev Anand and his eternal songs – The management Fundas…!!

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Dev Anand – Many call him the romancing king; a few others say he was one of the finest actors of his time. But there is more to this story then the normal farewell lines. He was a storyteller. He told stories of love. Stories of compassion and betrayal. His on and off screen lives have been followed passionately alike his hair style and colorful mufflers. His songs have been sung by almost every generation. Although his creative part and excellence steadily declined after the 70s, his work is unmatchable and creative. There never was, and there never will be a Dev Anand again, say his critics. Along with his fabulous movies, he has gifted the Indian audience number of songs which have proved to be timeless and beyond age. Every song is unique, with a message entangled. Life has a thousand meanings and Dev Anand portrayed it with class in each of these songs.


A lot has been written since he walked over the other side of the world. But I thought a “hatke” man deserves a “hatke” adieu too…! Here is the list of his 7 most fabulous lines from his movie songs which describe the dos and don’ts of management!!


1)      Gum aur khushi main fark na mehsus ho jaha, main dil ko us mukam pe lata chala gaya –      A time less song from the movie Hum Dono. Describes a form of de attachment from the mortal world. Bhagwad Gita describes the situation as Stith Pragya, a state of mind without attachment. A state of equilibrium. A mathematical constant. In times when survival is getting tougher and tougher with increasing competition and the rationality is the key word for any corporate decisions, the lines show case the ideal management lesson to corporate honchos – Business is business. The moment emotional attendants are taken care of, financial ledgers go down -the bottom line, remain cool!!…think with your head…not with your heart!





2) Tadbeer se bigdi hui taqdeer banaa le,
apne pe bharosa hai to yeh daanv laga le

 – Dhirubhai, Jamshedji tata, Bill gates, Sam Walton…… The recipients in this endless list were all told once in their life that they were taking an impossible step. Something that was never thought of and never done before. They all took enormous risks with timely vision and execution and made it to the list of super successful people. Risk reward is the simplest equation that most businessmen don’t understand. It’s important to grow big and jump in a bigger territory to change the course of business gears. Biyani would have remained a small time trader had he not ventured into the dream of making a Big Bazaar. The famous Rocket Singh too says – “Risk to Spider man ko bhi lena padta hai, aur main to sirf salesman hu!!”  Dev Anand portrays it beautifully through the lines.



3) koi bhi teri, raaha naa dekhe
nain bichhaaye naa koi
dard se tere, koi naa tadpa
aankh kisi ki naa royi, - 

Bang the target when your time comes.. Mr Sam cares for nobody…!! Recession saw a lot of emotional employees saying – we did it for the company and it threw me out..!!
Work for money, not for your company!!  In the life of corporate politics and cut throat competition, never expect permanent relationships. Neither the next door colleague, nor the company chaprasi would call you if your performance drops. As Dhirubhai once said, everyone has a price tag, the moment it drops, you are shown the door. Never leave your chances when you have them. “I did good to company, good would happen to me” is an old philosophy. Do good to you when the time comes, because company is a bitch!!…Dev Saheb again hits a master stroke.




4) Tere mere sapne, ab ek rang hai:


It’s a dream that every top brass of the company thinks for. Understand what company wants. A boss would always be happy if you do what he wants you to do. The goal setting, in line with middle and lower level management can make or break a company and employees in line with them are an asset. The more in synch the employee gets, the better are the chances of his promotions. To achieve your dreams, adopt their dreams..!!



5)  Acha ji main hari chalo man jao na.


A classic from the movie Kala Pani teaches us to– let things go. Don’t cling to old nuances. Move on, keep walking. A step backward is never a defeat, its necessary to jump beyond the clouds.  Sometimes too much concentration on unnecessary things hinders your goals and personal life. What happened was a like a dung cake. You can never find the culprit and abuse, but can always wash your shoes with a glass of water.



6) ghar kaa banaanaa, koee aasaan kaam naheen
duniyaa basaanaa, koee aasaan kaam naheen
dil mein wafaayen ho to, toofaa kinaaraa hain

 -Romewasn’t built in a day, neither was Microsoft!! It takes years of hard work, right decision making, great attitude and of course an extra ordinary vision. To reach above, have a clear cut road map and patience to survive and grow. It takes years to build a position. And to all those who think they can have a short cut to the stairs above, this song has a message – Sorry!!



7) Dhup thi naseeb main, dhup main liya hai dum, chandni mili to hum, chandni main so liye


 Super flexibility is the need of the hour.  Adopting the new culture and systems of the company is extremely important. In the times when mobile phones cut the camera sales and Google can find you a near by home, adoption and change are a necessity. From being a small time salesman to climbing the stairs of one of the finest IT companies of the world, Azim Premji remains as simple as he is, drives in an old Opel, lives in 3 start hotels, flies travel class, so do Kalam and Narayan murthy. The more rigid you become, the more you break when you fall down..!!



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