In one of the recently released TV commercials of L & T health Insurance, People are seen asking a suspicious question – “Likh ke de sakte ho”?? as if they are sure that the verbal communication would not be entertained.  The Commercial is a master stroke, telling the masses – we guarantee it, in writing!!  A question suddenly arises if the same could be asked for from the Indian Diaspora. From the administrative officers who change their statements and tunes every now and then to the seasoned politicians who know that words are just a smoothing balm, not a cure, likh ke do can surely be a headache. A policeman who gets bribed for a murder would be in a fix if he was asked by the mob to guarantee if he would give it in written that – He would catch the culprit.  Is Likh ke do  a possible cure to a lot of problems of this country??

Its a pity that in a country where a lot of wars have been fought for keeping the words and a lot of heads have been given for standing for the words, requires people to get down to the street to ask for law and order and basic requirements. Time has come when a lot of us need to question the “non” working elements….whether a bit of shame, a lot of compulsion, force and a fear of loosing the vote bank might help in getting the system getting better…



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